Washi tape and washi stamps are all digitally hand lettered and designed by me. Perfect for happy mail, painting projects, journals, scrapbooking, and much more!


    Lettering worksheets are available in my Etsy shop for instant downloading.

  • Pinners Conference

    Join me in California (August 25-26, 2023) and Utah (November 3-4, 2023) at the Pinners Conference! I'll be teaching two different chalkboard classes with Loddie Doddie at each. Come join the fun!


    Karen is a hand lettering artist who taught herself to letter by using a book. She fell in love with lettering, and her hobby turned into a small business as she began taking commissions from family and friends. As Karen's online presence grew, she found herself sharing tips and tricks with beginner letterers, and she knew she wanted to do more to help those just starting out. Karen now sells various beginner worksheets, which are well-reviewed for being informative, clear, and easy to follow. She enjoys sharing what she has learned throughout her lettering journey to help others find the same passion about lettering that she has. Karen ventured into the world of washi at the beginning of 2021 and loves seeing people use her designed tape all over the world!


    Karen is a brand ambassador for uni-ball, Loddie Doddie, and Arteza.


    She lives in Kennesaw, Georgia with her nerdy husband, two fun daughters, and cute beagle-lab named Maggie. She enjoys swimming, watching TV, chalking the driveway, and eating all of the dessert.

    Local? Looking for chalk art?

    I would love to chalk for your outdoor party or event, in front of your business or school, or anywhere else where you'd like to liven things up with some chalk art!

    Pricing starting at $40.

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